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"I cannot thank you enough. You answered every query I had with tremendous insight, making me feel incredibly secure. I thoroughly appreciate the time you gave for enlightening me on how it all works, I did not take a second for granted. Thank you. I now feel compelled to work as hard and as often as possible……I did not feel that way before copyright house. My creativity is now uninhibited, knowing that my work is protected because of the incredible security and service your company provides. Once again, I emphasize that I hope your business grows bigger and bigger. More artistic people deserve to feel the incredible peace of mind and excitement I feel because of copyright house."
- Nisal Karunaratne, Australia.




"A great team always ready to help you in case of need, it is a pleasure to be included in your site, thank you again for your professionalism"
- Joe Ganech, digital artist.




"Wow that was fast! Thanks very much! That's great! I have to say, this company has been fantastic with it's customer care. Very impressed. Tell your boss I said you can have the rest of the day off with full pay! 😉 All the best"




"I am so pleased to have found Copyright House, and although a lot of my work was done years ago, at least now I have peace of mind knowing that my work is safe and my rights protected. It is a sound financial investment, because it is not just about the here and now, it is about your peace of mind for the future too. Ideas are dynamic, what is relevant for tomorrow may not be relevant for today.
Plus, I am grateful for the time, help and guidance which Copyright House has provided."
- Frédérique Patterson, Author, Poet, Chiswick.




"Congratulations, your business will grow very fast because you provide a key word which is SERVICE and you go above customer expectation."
- Alfredo Correa, TV show writer, Peru.




"I registered my copyright with Copyright House because it is very clear and concise and laid out nicely, making it easy to understand and simple to use. That's what I like! Also the fees are reasonable and one gets a good package which equals value for money!"
- Tara Della Hopley, Writer, Shropshire.




"What can I say, I am pleased with Copyright House for now my work is safe, with all the company's care behind it. After their service, there isn't a musician in the UK who wouldn't trust their work to their seal of quality. When looking back over the years I've spent with them, I can say that I am proud to have taken out the unlimited registrations pack - for one good turn deserves an other. They are a real boon!"
- Sebastian Galassi, Satyrist and Composer.




"Registering my works with copyrighthouse was one of my best decisions I ever made - It is great value for money and the payment scheme which I used made registering even easier. The team was also personally very helpful when I had a few questions about my certificates. ( which again are a great idea) Anyway just wanted to thank you again for your very professional service and site - I plan to start writing again shortly and the first thing I will do is register any new works - your lifetime membership is an absolute bargain - Best wishes for the future of Copyrighthouse and many thanks again."
- John C J Tierney.




"Gosh are you this good with all your clients? I am impressed! Thank you for your very personal service."
- Barbara Czepulkowski, Author, Singer, Designer.




"Thank you very much for your help. I must say you have created a great website which I have found to be very easy to use and it's a great way to protect my work! Many Thanks."
- Lee West, Director West Way Beats Music Productions.




"It seemed to go very well and easy. My first 40 files uploaded and certificates received. I'm a HAPPY man! Thank you."
- Iain Stringer, Composer of ballet music, London.




"After using your service once again today, I would like to express with all sincerity my highest compliments. Your service is efficient, convenient, simple and particularly economical. With a really small annual amount you provide a complete and efficient service, up to the highest expectations. Well done! It is a great pleasure to find a service in a such a perfect blend of competence, honesty and courtesy."
- Stefano Marchesotti, Writer, Italy.




"I searched for help in protecting my designs and work on google. I had to do something quickly as the next day I was due to visit a foundry to ask them to make prototypes of a design for a chair leg that I had spent many hours perfecting. I was concerned that my designs had no protection at all and I wanted to make anyone who had them think twice before contemplating copying them in any way. When I found your website I knew that I did not need to look any further and that I had found the help and back up that I needed. I was also delighted that I could register and recieve a certificate instantly without waiting. I realise that the whole issue of copyright is a very complicated one, but your website solution offers a valuable method of affording copyright protection at a very reasonable price. A representative of Copyright House was kind enough to return my call on a Sunday night and chat with me. In talking to him I realised straight away that the Copyright House staff are very committed and caring people who go to much trouble to help their clients. Thank you Copyright House."
- Andrew Joel, Joel Furniture, Lawrence Restorations of Nottingham.




"Thank you and your whole team a lot for your service! I feel very excited having made this step and I feel very delighted by the fact that is so easy and comfortable to do it."
- Miroslav Tanev, Composer, Germany.


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Do I Need A Trademark?

If you need to protect the name of your business, your artist name or the name of your band/group, then you need to register it as a trademark. Please go to Trademark House for more information.



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Register unlimited works for a single subscription fee. Unbeatable value!

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